sábado, 15 de agosto de 2009

A big dream grew up

Un escrito para mi curso de inglés que comparto.

When i think about the journalism course I took, I have good and funny memories. During it, the future seemed very near. The saturdays' classes between teenagers from different schools were a riveting experiencie.

As a result, I did many differents things like waking up very early on saturdays. Also, these days were the ones where I knew hot to get to Lima alone. These days, where I made many friends from anywhere. These old days that I remember very clear, where I lost most of my shyness and found the carrer I will exert all in my life.

I'm very glad that I took it. There were many classes that i learned too much. New friends that gave me their support. Experiences as the ones I had. I got the third position at nationwide category. What an amazing opportunity we had!

Good experiences are part from that year. Now, I'm having another chance, which is to be a school correspondent from El Comercio.

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